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Myer Hotels Mission Statement

“Friendly, Fantastic Service Always.”

Christian values and ethics guide all the decisions and efforts at Myer Hotels. We believe the customer is THE number one priority and are focused on delivering an outstanding experience to everyone who walks through our doors. Ozark hospitality and authentic connections are at the root of every guest experience and our team members genuinely strive to exceed expectations.

Each Myer Hotel has the goal of surpassing customer expectations with:

  • friendly, helpful, caring, knowledgeable and well-trained team members
  • clean facilities that are expertly maintained and regularly upgraded
  • numerous amenities
  • a safe, secure and comfortable environment
  • a guarantee of satisfaction

Myer Hotels focuses on continual progression through:

  • aggressively seeking information about new customer needs and responding with corresponding changes in our hotels’ operations
  • understanding current and future trends in our industry and community
  • exploring, creating and implementing opportunities for development, expansion, marketing exposure and change
  • managing safety and risk

At Myer Hotels we value our team members and express such to them by:

  • recognizing their accomplishments
  • encouraging everyone to accept responsibility and succeed
  • supporting continual education, training and community involvement
  • maintaining a safe, secure and comfortable environment
  • building working relationships based on honesty, trust and respect