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The New Americana Theatre


2905 West Hwy 76
Branson MO 65616




2 hours




Why spend an evening at The Haygood Family Show? This talented group of seven brothers and 1 sister is the REAL DEAL! The Haygoods bring the house down night after night with incredibly tight harmonies, innovative, energetic choreography and amazing performances on over 20 different instruments! With over 4,000,000 people taking part in the Haygood experience, you'd better believe that there's more to this group than buzz—they've got the goods, pure and simple!

What makes the Haygood show so unique? It's the Haygood family recipe for success: raw talent showcased on over 20 different instruments, eight melodic sibling voices, and the group's effervescent energy combined with a passion for putting on a top-notch show, every time. You'll love what they do, because it's so evident that they love what they do—their excitement is contagious! The Haygood's take pride in crafting their show for their audiences and the result is an unsurpassed combination of dance, music, and excitement that has taken Branson by storm. The Haygoods are the ONLY show in Branson that comes out with an ALL NEW show every season! You have to see it to believe it, and once you do, you're sure to be a Haygood devotee!

The much buzzed-about Haygood's musical experience is nothing short of heart-pounding family-fun that you can count on to deliver something for every musical taste, EVERY AGE, and every style of fan! Night after night, The Haygood's wow their audiences with their exuberant family show. This entertainment adventure combines the family's special brand of musical magic with state-of-the-art effects, sumptuous sound, mesmerizing dance, and unstoppable energy that cannot be contained! Now it's YOUR turn to see what you've been missing! When pure musical talent meets cutting-edge performance, the result is an electrifying ride of song, rhythm, and sound that you won't soon forget!


From Hwy 65, take West 76 Country Music Blvd. exit, travel west about three miles. The New Americana Theatre is located on the right side of Hwy. 76 across from The Presleys.


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Editor Reviews

Fans' Choice Award Best Musical Family 2009 - Haygoods

October 29th, 2009, 8PM

Chad Ray presented the Fan's Award for Best Musical Family in Branson to the Haygoods during the October 29th show.  Five editors joined him in cheering for them.  As usual, the show was great and the audience loved it. Chad read the following fan quotes.

Mr. Beck from Ozark, MO
The Haygoods have a HIGH energy show that keeps you wanting more.  Their fantastic talent and showmanship make them appealing to all age groups.  They all play many different instruments and harmonize beautifully - both with music and a cappella.  They are always finding ways to make their show more exciting, even though you think that is impossible.  It is obvious by the way they perform, that they all truly love music and love sharing it with their audience.  They are humble and very appreciative of their followers. They are truly talented and Branson is very lucky to have them.  What a FANTASTIC show!!!!

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The Haygoods

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The Haygoods at The New Americana Theatre

April 20, 2009

The Haygoods blend a new setting and sound with their well-known talent, energy, and enthusiasm for entertainment. There are a couple of surprises this year.

The new theater suits them well. From the remodeled lobby to the enhanced stage and sound, they have created a whole experience for their fans.

Dominic, Shawn, Michael, Patrick, and Timothy continue to grow in their musical ability. As usual, the audience loves them. The surprises this year are in Matthew, Catherine, and Aaron.

Matthew has come into his own. He looks great and is having a good time on stage. He joins his older brothers in giving the audience a top-notch performance. Catherine and Aaron are growing up. This year’s production recognizes their maturity and presents all the family as young adult entertainers. Catherine’s ever expanding ability to play multiple instruments is showcased throughout the show. Whether it’s the sax, violin or harp, she plays well. Aaron continues his growth as an entertainer – with apparent ease.

They touch on many styles of music. Whether you are in to pop, country, rock, nostalgia, show tunes, or Gospel, there is plenty in this show to get your blood pumping.

Pat Avery, Editor

The Haygoods at The New Americana Theatre

The Haygoods at The New Americana Theatre

The Haygoods at The New Americana Theatre

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THE HAYGOODS!  Best Show Family 2008

November 30, 2008

On Wednesday, November 19th, Music City Center was filled to the balcony level as the Best Show Family hit the stage at 3:00pm.  The first half showcased the seven brothers and one sister as they all took turns singing and playing their different instruments.   Many of the sets included fantastic choreography and delightful shenanigans from the siblings as well.

After intermission, Chad Ray presented the award for Best Show Family 2008.  He read the following fan quotes:

“From beginning to end, you will be coming out of your seat with excitement!  This family of 7 brothers and 1 sister family are overflowing with pure talent and energy.  The show is unmatched in entertainment.  You will enjoy violin, guitar, drums, piano, harp, (to name a few), along with unparalleled dancing, tap, gymnastics, and of course singing.  You will leave feeling GREAT and knowing you definitely got more than your moneys worth.    Sasha"

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The Haygoods

July 17, 2008
Music City Centre, 1835 W. Hwy 76

The first thing I noticed at the theatre was an usher escorting a young lady in a wheelchair.  The usher guided the entire family around the line of ticket holders to a door where the wheelchair could easily be maneuvered into the theatre.  This is what I like to see and in Branson I’ve seen it often.  And also, the usher who lead me to my reserved seat was very friendly.

At 8:07 the Haygoods took to the stage singing “How Sweet It Is” and continued with a medley of songs made famous by the Temptations.  The harmony was very good and they delivered it with enthusiasm.  Their energy was impressive but I thought it could not possibly last the entire show.  Boy was I wrong!

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The Haygoods





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Fan Reviews


2011 Fan Reviews

Ozark, MO
June 30, 2011
The Haygoods
The Americana Theater


The Haygoods are so amazing!!

All 8 of them are very talented. Each plays several instruments as well as sing.

They also can do some very interesting tap dancing.

They are so full of energy and personality that you never know what will happen next. It makes for a very exciting show. No matter what song they perform they make it their own.

They recently made a CD of their own songs and it is awesome!! I go to the show at least every 6 weeks and each time I am totally blown away!!

They just keep getting better and better...and don't know how that can be since they are incredible already




2010 Fan Reviews

Georgia Beck
Ozark, MO
September 6, 2010
The Haygoods
The Americana Theater

The Haygoods have been performing as a family for 18 years. I personally have been a dye hard fan for 16 years. In our family we have Haygoods fans that range from 10 years old to 83. We can't get enough. We go to see them about every 6 weeks and are totally amazed how they keep getting better and better. Their amazing energy, multitalented instrument playing and unique takes on songs makes their show the most enjoyable one in Branson. Besides their musical talents, they also put on a tap routine that will make you tired just watching. If you like a high energy show, the Haygoods are a must!!!



Dinah Mayes
Duncan, OK
July 17, 2010
The Haygoods
The Americana Theater

We saw this show first in Dec '09 - the Christmas show. We were so impressed we've seen them multiple times since then.

We've seen quite a few shows in Branson, and so far, the Haygoods have them all beat in terms of entertainment, talent, and personality! These 8 kids have so much talent! They can play any instrument - perfectly! Their voices blend in beautiful harmony, their dancing is amazing, and they love to make you laugh. They perform some of the same songs you may hear at the other shows, but they put their own twist on them and OWN them!

Their violin rendition of the Beatle's hit, Eleanor Rigby is absolutely breathtaking.
The Haygoods connect to their audience, and they really, genuinely appear to be loving every single minute they are on the stage. Each and every one of them are beautiful kids - inside and out.

They stay after the show to meet and greet, take photos, sign autographs, etc. They never try to rush you through the line, and you feel like they are just the kids next door - but with a whole lotta talent!

These kids are all about giving you the best show on the Strip. You can tell they put their heart and souls into everything they do.

Emily Toppass
Rich Hill, MO
July 17, 2010
The Haygoods
The Americana Theater

The Haygoods were as fantastic as always!

My family and I have been going to the Haygood's show since 1998 when I was eight years old. They are definitely our favorite show in Branson.

They are so talented, not just in singing, but in dancing, playing over 20 instruments, and tap dancing. What is even more amazing is that every member of the family is talented, all 7 brothers and 1 sister.

I would definitely recommend the show to everyone.

It is a great family show with high energy and lots of talent!!!!!


Fran McClanahan
Paragould, AR
July 10, 2010
The Haygoods
The Americana Theater

Yes, we are true fans!

From the younger generation to the older generation, The Haygoods never disappoint. I call them our "The Feel Good Show." The can sing, dance, play all kinds of instruments and they are funny too.

They are always very energetic and very entertaining. It seems they make it their goal to make sure everyone has a good time. We try to see their show at least 3 times during the year because they are always changing it up a bit and it is never just a routine. They seem to be genuine. We feel as if we had known these boys and Catherine all of their lives. In fact, we first saw them at Silver Dollar City with Grandma and all the gang.

Now, they have moved on up from the Music Centre to their very own theatre, The Americana. That should tell you they are doing something right.

They are so very talented and yet so down to earth. You can meet anyone of them at anytime, anywhere and they will speak to you. I am sure they enjoy some privacy, but they are always so friendly.

We wish them many, many more years of great success.



Heather White
Prairie du Chien, WI
April 26, 2010
The Haygoods
The Americana Theater

My family and I were in Branson for one week. During that week we went to see The Haygoods show 3 times and would have gone 4 times, if we haven't had different shows to go to. The show was excellent.

The boys and Catherine are wonderful performers. They know how to get the crowd involved in there show, from the pre-show to the end of the show. I've been to their show 2 other times before, and loved it so much that we had to go back again and again. The songs that they perform are good for everyone that comes to the show, from the young to the seniors. When we were at the show there were 3 schools there, and they enjoyed the 50's and 60's songs that were performed as much as the older audience. To me every part of the show was wonderful, but I truly enjoy the tap dancing.

I will be going back to see these guys every time that I make it into Branson.



George Marczewski
Villa Park, IL
April 16, 2010
The Haygoods
The Americana Theater

We have travelled extensively wherever we go we make it a point to catch a live show. During one 4 day stay in Vegas we saw 6 shows.

We were on the way home from one of our driving trips when we decided to take a break in Branson.

We reviewed the entertainment brochures and decided to see the Haygoods, they sounded like a good show. We expected to enjoy the Haygoods. The show exceeded all of our expectations.

The Haygoods were the best entertainment we have experienced going ahead of our favorite musical Phantom of the Opera. They played, danced and sang everything from Rock to country with Gospel, folk and popular in the middle. Every aspect of the show was superior. The harmonies and the voices were complex and professional.

After the show we purchased the show DVD. Since seeing it on April 16, 2010 I have watched the entire show at least once a week. It is amazing it just stays fresh and fantastic.

As soon as I forward this I am ordering the DVD Collection that has all the Haygoods performances up to the new 2010 show.

If you can't get to Branson at least order the 2010 Show DVD


Mark Mast
Rainy River, Ontario, Canada
March 18, 2010
The Haygoods
The Americana Theater

Wow! We have been to a lot of shows in Branson, but were absolutely blown away by the Haygoods! This family of seven brothers and one sister (ages late teens to early 30s) were by far the Best Show Family we have ever seen... anywhere!!

Their youthful energy and amazing talent were appealing and contagious for our entire family from the moment the performance began. Haygoods vocal harmonies and ability to play multiple musical instruments while performing energetic choreographies was breathtaking! The Haygoods set was spectacular. Their gymnastic abilities were beyond belief! From Catherine playing the harp, to the entire clan playing "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" on fiddles, the show never once lacked appeal. The oldest brother, Timothy was very gifted in his ability to engage the audience between songs and performances. Dramas which involved members of the audience were hilarious!

The Americana Theater was comfortable and the price was right. We couldn't believe it when the entire family showed up for signing autographs in the lobby at the end of the show! Posters and DVDs were available at a very nominal price. This is one show in Branson you don't want to miss! We'll be back!!




2009 Fan Reviews


Andrea Zwolle
Cement, Oklahoma
September 24, 2009
The Haygoods
The Americana Theater

Have you ever met a group of people that has changed your life? Well I have! I started going to the Haygoods about one year ago. My first thought was wow; there cannot be that many good-looking guys in one family. They are the most talented bunch of kids I have ever met. It floors me of how much dedication and hard work they put into every aspect of their career.

I have never met any entertainer that makes my palms sweaty, and heart thump a million miles per hour every time. There is no doubt from the time the first curtain opens until the curtain closes that they give it their all. The Haygoods always make time for their fans and always so sincere to everyone they meet. They are truly an inspiration to the younger generation and not including role models.

All I can say is The Haygood show is a must see in the Branson community. They always know how to keep your heart racing and always making you want to come back for more!

Andrea Zwolle

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Danna Simmons
Cement, Oklahoma
September 26, 2009
The Haygoods
The Americana

If you are looking for good family entertainment then you need to go and see the Haygoods. There are seven brothers and one sister. They all play different kids of instruments and they are a truly talented family. Their music ranges from all types of music. My personal favorite in the show is, "The Way You Look Tonight" performed by Dominic Haygood. However, Michael Haygood, sings " When you Say Nothing at All," it is also a favorite. I do not how in the world he reaches those high notes. They are all wonderful performers and can sing about anything you can imagine.

There is comedy in the show also. You don't have to be young to enjoy their show. There are all ages that go to see the Haygood show. They perform four days a week at their new theatre, "The Americana Theatre." They completely renovated the theatre and it is very beautiful with plenty of good seating and lots of parking.

So if you are looking for good family entertainment you need to go see the Haygood show. You will leave talking about when you want to go back again.

Danna Simmons

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The Haygoods Photo Page

Plano, IA
The Haygoods
The Americana Theatre

I am voting for The Haygoods for the best show because they simply are the best! There are many other shows in Branson to see but if I had to choose one I would choose The Haygoods! They not only are very funny but they are great performers and whenever you go and see the show you will not be dissapointed. They have music from all the decades and from country to pop they have it all. They play over 20 different instruments and they are full of energy. They show is so intergetic and they get really involved with the crowd. I have been going to the Haygoods for 9 years and they are great. Of course I love them all and the new theatre is awesome. The seating and the parking is awesome. Plus when your there be prepared to hear alot of screaming because I think out of all the shows they have the most fans and screaming ones if anything. I've even heard elderly people scream at the top of their lungs. This will definately hold a childs interest and it is for all ages 0-120!!! I love The Haygoods!!!!

Fran McClanahan
Paragould, Ar. 72450
April, 2009
The Haygood's
The Haygood Theater

Awesome!! Don't leave Branson without seeing the Haygoods or you will probably have to return just to see them. They are always the first show we see when we get there. They lift your spirits and make you want to stay in Branson and enjoy the other entertainment. They are a high energy group that are so talented that it is hard to believe they are one family. They are warm and friendly and don't appear to have let success go to their heads. They seem to be really down to earth and they will put on a show for you that will have you hoping it never ends. They can dance up a storm, play any instrument, and they sing appalla together that is fantastic, and their jokes aren't too bad either. When they were younger, we called them boys, and Catherine a little living doll, but now they have all grown up into wonderful performers. They all have tremendous personalities and I love each and everyone of them and I won't tell my favorite but, they play the sax and guitar and violin. Just kidding I love them all just the same!! They make you so at home in Branson.

Denese Gale
Florence, Ms.
April, 2009
Americana/Haygood's Th.

I have been coming to Branson since I was a little girl and this show has always been my favorite. Of course, they were little boys in overalls, playing their little violins, when I first saw them at Silver Dollar City. Now, that I am older their talent has really blossomed. They have to be the best entertainment group in Branson. This group is so approachable and makes you feel like family each and every time you see them. There is a lot of great shows in Branson, but none of them makes you feel like you watched them grow up, which my mom actually has. hehe

I like that they don't leave as soon as the show ends, but rather they stay around and sign autographs or just talk for a while. You know how much they care about their fans because they have a wonderful act and slammed with high energy. entertainment for the all that are young at heart. Mike is adorable when he singing and playing his guitar and Domonic, I can't get enough of his "SAX" and his singing of Wayward Stranger. Even with all their sickness and asunderous problems, they still give you a good family show. Glad they have and new theater and very proud of their accomplishments.

Rogersville, MO
May 23rd, 2009
The Haygoods

When The Haygood boys began the song "Bohemian Rapsody" I thought to myself that there is only one group that can do this song right..... Queen. I was WRONG!! The Haygoods preformed it on their fiddles and it sounded AWESOME!!!!! I couldn't believe it. When I saw the show later in the year, I knew that one of the boys was not in the show due to illness. I thought it was fabulous how they make it look so easy to change a song to replace someone who it ill. After watching their show for years, I know that it is not easy to replace 8 songs because someone is sick. Afterwards, all of the guys and girl (except the one that was ill) met with the fans and waited until everyone was out of the theater before they went to change clothes..... THESE BOYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Granby, MO
The Haygoods
The New Americana Theatre

The Haygoods have been our family's favorite Branson show for years. From their early years at Silver Dollar City to their brand new production at the New Americana Theatre, the Haygoods have always put on a terrific performance.

This year's production really showcases the entire family's special skills. Each sibling brings his or her own unique style to the stage. I am always blown away by the immense talent of this family. They are all wonderful vocalists, instrumentalists, and entertainers. They have something for everyone in the show. From upbeat tunes like "I'm a Believer" to a beautiful instrumental arrangement of "Amazing Grace," this show covers all styles. Some of my favorite performances include "Chicken Fried," "Good Lovin'," and a knock-your-socks-off instrumental arrangement of "Canon in D." They also have a very high-energy tap routine in the show. Just when you think you've seen the entirety of their talent, they show you something else.

For those who enjoy comedy, each sibling has his or her own comedic moment. There are many times throughout the show that I find myself rolling with laughter. If you go to this show, you will be singing, laughing, and clapping along the whole time. This show is all-out energy from start to finish.

I've seen this show multiple times this year. As I was leaving the show one night, a lady in the crowd said to me, "I have never seen so much talent in one family." I couldn't agree more. This is a show anyone any age will enjoy.

Cara-Shay Cox
Harrison, AR
August 12, 2009
Haygoods: Live in Concert
The New Americana Theater

First of all I am a huge fan of the Haygoods and have been since they have been in Branson. I practically "grew up" with them. Their shows over the years have progressed in an amazing way. Each year they keep getting better and keep improving themselves. To look back at where they started till now is such a blessing. God has given them so much and for them to be able to take those gifts and put them into a nice, fun, family show for their fans is wonderful. Especially since they are all young and could be out in the world doing other things and getting themselves into trouble. I respect the fact that they choose to be positive role models for the kids of our times. Now about the show....The Haygoods put on a very family filled, entergetic, and funny show. I have never seen so much energy in one family in my life. I love how their show flows so smoothly throughout the whole night. You never get bored with it. They spread out the music so that there is a type for everyone in the audience. I have brought many friends to see them and they are amazed at how much they really enjoyed the themselves. Not only do the Haygoods sing and dance and show off(jokes,etc.), they also include the audience--whether it's putting them on the stage, having an ozark mountain sack race, playing with beach balls on the last song of the first half, or just coming out in the audience and shaking hands or playing their instruments in the isles. This group is definitely the all-star group of Branson. Not only do they appeal to younger generations but to the ederly folks as well. Everybody loves the Haygoods no matter what age, race, or religion. They have worked really hard at getting where they are today...props on the brand new theater (American Theater) that they purchased. These guys and girl are a very talented group of people and are very deservant of any award that is thrown their way. I'm not just saying this because I am a fan of the family, i'm saying this because I have seen almost every show in Branson and this is still the one I send everybody to. It's simply "THE BEST"!!!!! Obviously my vote is ~THE HAYGOODS~

Louise Smitiih
McKinney, TX
Aug. 16, 2009

The Haywoods were chosen by us on the first day we arrived in Branson. We were so pleasantly rewarded for our choice. From the minute we walked into the theater, we enjoyed the friendliness and family environment that we experienced.

These seven brothers and one sister are the most talented group of young people I have ever seen, live and on tv. Their singing voices, playing of instruments, and dancing (even some pretty phenomial gymnastics)is all excellent and something I have never experienced. Every song was just unbelievable. The thing that blew my mind was the variety of music that was performed. Everything from country, pop, classical and patriotic was included. The addition of the beautiful harp playing just put the icing on the cake. No other show deserves an award more than this group. They are the perfect type of entertainment for Branson. I am just surprised that LasVegas or NewYork has not lured them away. I have a weeks vacation in Branson every year and will defitely never miss them when I am in town and will send all my friends to see the show also. The crowd 'games' were so much fun while waiting for the show to start. The whole cast were so friendly and took time to meet all the 'fans' in the lobby for pictures, autographis, and aswer questions. Truely an extraordinary show.

Betty Nelson
Sept. 13, 2009
Sunday 8PM

My husband and I have been on vacation in Branson since Thursday, Sept. 10th and have seen some wonderfully talented groups, but none could compare with The Haygoods. Their show was recommended to us by a ticket agent as one of the best shows in Branson. We were not disappointed. They are some of the best representatives of The American Dream and how talented, hard working young people can realize their dreams by working very hard and using their multiple talents to bless others. Their show is fast paced, fun filled and made me wish my grandchildren were in the audience with us to enjoy the musical abilities of this wonderful family. My only disappointment in the show was that the time went by so quickly..............so I'm already thinking of purchasing two more tickets so we can enjoy them once more before our vacation comes to a close and yes, I'm already planning another vacation to Branson so I can see many more shows. You can bet one of those will be The Haygoods. I'm thinking Hmm Christmas Show........we could probably make that happen. My husband and I agreed, The Haygoods are definitely our favorites. I can't sing or play an instrument, but I am an expert at recognizing talent in others and The Haygoods are bursting with talent.

Betty Nelson
Oswego, Illinois

Godfrey, IL
3/09 & 9/09
The Haygoods
Americana Theater

My family has been going to the Haygoods show since they were performers at Silver Dollar City. It is a show that is enjoyed by all generations. I am typically there with my parents & two sons who are 14 and 12 years old. The high energy of the show is unmatched in Branson. The lighting is spectacular - one of the few shows in Branson that realizes lighting enhances the overall presentation of a show. The Haygoods is THE show we make sure we have tickets for every time we come to Branson, which averages out to 3-4 times per year. I've taken my family to other top name shows in town, only to get the reaction that it was boring and "when is our Haygood night?" That says a lot! It is fascinating to go to their shows and see the age range of their fans. Everyone from toddlers to 80-somethings are on the edge of their seats and all are smiling when the show ends. The seats are very comfortable & have convenient cupholders for your drink. The snack bar is well equipped to handle th
e many different taste preferences of the lucky Haygood audience. Your musical taste will be satisfied during the show as well. The Haygoods have a variety of musical genres represented in their show. Micheal has a beautiful tenor voice and nails the song "Danny Boy". I've even seen a tear or two shed during his rendition of this classic song. The Haygoods also sing music through the decades up to current country hits like "Boondocks" and "Fishing in the Dark". The family is filled with wonderful dancers and the many instruments they all play are played astounding skill. The musicianship and showmanship of this family of performers is fanstastic. When you are deciding how to spend your hard-earned dollars in this tough economy, know that you will get your money's worth (and more) at The Haygoods show!

Emily Toppass
Rich Hill, MO
June 23, 2009
The Haygoods
Americana Theatre

I love the Haygood show. I first saw them when I was in Silver Dollar City back in 1998. My family and I have followed them through the years and we were so excited to see them in their new theatre this year. I think they are so talented. I mean every one of them play the violin, sing, dance, and tap dance. Plus they play additional instruments and some do tumbling, AND Catherine plays 2X as many instruments as any of her brothers. Their harmony is amazing and so is their passion. I would definitely recommend this show for anyone of any age...I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

Ashley Phillips
Cabot, AR
August 6th 2009
The Haygoods
The New Americana Theater

The Haygoods show was so great!!! I loved every minute of it. The music was awesome, and the voices were beautiful. They were easy to understand and so easy to get into the show. THe were really nice and easy to get along with. THey were down to Earth and funny. they talked to you and seemed to care!! they really made you feel like family!! I truly love going to there show every year Regular and at Christmas time I cant wait to go In November!! The Haygood truly live on Faith, Family, and Freedom!!!! The Haygoods are a go to show when you are in Branson!!!!

Got the Goods????

Kansas City, Mo
June 28, 2009
Americana Theater

I have been seeing the haygoods for years! Every single year they amaze me! The talent that all 8 of the talented brothers and sister have is incredible. Not only do they play almost any instrument they play them with best skill possible. Their voices give you chills, for instance when they sing seven bridges road it gave me goose bumps. I admire Catherine for keeping up with her brothers and playing more instruments than any of them. She is quite the girl. I love that they sing a variety of music so they appeal to everyone. Not only are they great performers they are easy on the eyes too. Although I am partial to dominic and was disappointed that i had to miss seeing him in this year's show due to his health it was still astoudning! Seeing the Haygoods is always one of the highlights of my yearly trip to Branson. I am looking forward to all that they have planned in the future. They are remarkable performers.

Desiree Ham
Wentzville, MO
Americana Theatre

I went to go see the Haygoods perform on March 27th. I come to a Haygood show several times a year. I can't get enough! they are hilarious, family friendly, and such great performers that try to include their audience in as much as they can. They are so much fun to watch and a very enjoyable group. i have been going to see the Haygood family with my parents since i was two years old and they still performed in Silver Dollar City. I love the Haygoods and i absolutely recommend them to any family that is looking for a high engery, tear-jerking, laugh-'til-you-cry, vocal and instrument show.

Janice Withrow
Centerpoint, IN
April 3 & 6, 2009
Americana Theatre

We spent a week in Branson in April 09 and saw 2 shows each day. Without a doubt, The Haygoods' were the best.

The talent of this family still blows me away. I come from a musical family and feel I have some ability to judge talent. This family ranks with the Osmonds. They are friendly and accessible. As a "senior" I won't pick a favorite Haygood, but enjoyed talking with Tim, Patrick & Dominic. My daughter loved Dominic & Shawn; 10 year old loved Aaron and Matt and the 14 year old loved Catherine & Michael. Their rendition of Eleanor Rigby on the violin & harp must be heard. The tap dancing had us on the edge of our seat. I still hear them singing "Boondocks" in my head, just loved it. They have a Country, Celtic, Patriotic, Spiritual, Comedy and Rock n Roll set. Something for everyone regardless of age. Even the intermission was fun.

The "Blues Bros." skit was unexpected and hilarious. My grandchildren loved it and they have no idea who the Blues Brothers are! It was so nice to see a show that was family friendly, but not dull. They sing, they dance, they are funny, Whenever we visit Branson, we always see one show twice. When we voted which show we would view a second time, everyone shouted The Haygoods! We were surprised, the show was slightly different and that was nice too.

The staff were friendly and helpful. We always ask the staff what they think of the performers and we were sometimes surprised by the responses at other shows. We were happy to hear the Haygoods are exactly as they seem off stage as well as on. One staffer told us she had worked for several shows and the Haygoods' were the best!

We saw some good shows (and a couple we were disappointed in) but without a doubt, The Haygoods' met and exceeded our expectations. We cast our vote for The Best in Branson to The Haygoods! This is a MUST see show and regardless of your age, you won't be disappointed. There is plenty of good parking available, including handicap. One important last thing, the price is right!

Jen Tate
Nixa, MO
March and April 2009
The New Americana

I am certain The Haygoods' show is the best show in Branson. What other production appeals to such a wide variety of fans? It is clear each member of this family works hard to please their vast audience. I see the show several times a year and it's never the exact same show. They regularly rework portions of the show in accordance with the response of their audience.

I catch myself tapping my feet and moving in my (very comfortable) seat during the first song, and the Haygoods keep my attention throughout the entire show. I love the larger addition of Celtic music this year; not only does the music appeal to me personally, it proves the range of their talent. Bohemian Rhapsody on violins? Incredible! I always love their rendition of the Beatles' hit, Eleanor Rigby, but Bohemian Rhapsody blows it away.

As if the musical talent wasn't enough, The Haygoods pepper their show with acrobatics, gymnastics, comedy, audience participation, and much more. My kids particularly like the Blues Brothers song. Not only do the Haygoods keep my attention, but they also keep the attention of my children, ages 3 and 5, and my husband. We buy a DVD every year, and my kids watch the DVD's regularly. One of the most endearing qualities of this talented family is how they handle the unexpected events with humor and humility.

I look forward to seeing the show again this summer!

G. Beck
Ozark, MO
New Americana Theater

The Haygoods have a HIGH energy show that keeps you wanting more. Their fantastic talent and showmanship make them appealing to all age groups. They all play many different instruments and harmonize beautifully - both with music and acapella. They are always finding ways to make their show more exciting, even though you think that is impossible. It is obvious by the way they perform, that they all truly love music and love sharing it with their audience. They are humble and very appreciative of their followers. They are truly talented and Branson is very lucky to have them. What a FANTASTIC show!!!!

Rachel R.
Friendswood, Tx
The Haygoods
The New Americana Theatre

The show was great. My parent's ages 80 & 78, my sister age 51, my daughter age 6, and I (age 41) all had a blast. The Haygood's are a truly talented family. Dominic hosted the show and was funny and cute as well. We enjoyed the show and would definitely recommend this show to all. If you travel to Branson and miss this show, what a shame. (We drove from Texas and Louisiana- 10hrs, 20min)

October 13, 2008

The Haygoods by far are the best show in Branson.  This family plays over 20 different instruments in their show.  The oldest, Timothy Haygood, plays the violin and the mandolin.  Patrick plays the piano.  Dominic plays the violin, saxophone, and recorder.  Shawn plays the violin and the drums.  Michael plays the acoustic guitar, violin, and electric guitar. Matthew plays the bass guitar.  Catherine, the only girl in the family plays twice as many instruments as her brothers, which consist of, the violin, piano, saxophone, and the harp. I think this shows that Girls Rule, no matter how many brothers they have. Aaron, the youngest brother plays the violin and the saxophone.  Before they do their final number in the show, they play Pachabel's Canon in D and I must say that it is full of energy, and they give it their best everytime I see the show.  This is a very talented family and as long as they keep playing, they will still be the best I have seen.

Sasha Osment
October 9, 2008

I've been a fan of The Haygoods since my first visit in 2006.  I was immediately awestruck at the talent on stage.  I had so much fun I couldn't wait to bring my children to a show.  There wasn't a dull moment once the curtain opened.  The crowd roared when Dominic picked a lucky lady out of the audience to sing My Girl while Michael tried to get in on the action.  The Blues Brothers started with Michael coming down from the ceiling and was pure energy from there.  I got chills when Michael sang Go Rest High and Danny Boy. My favorite was their tap/stomp routine.  It's was so amazing that I can't describe it, you just have to experience it for yourself.  Dominic was awesome as MC along with his singing, fiddle playing, and dancing.  His talent is 2nd to none.  I now sit on the front row every time I visit and I feel like I am visiting old friends.  They always make you feel appreciated when they meet and greet after the show.  They always have time for a picture, autograph, or a hug.  I now visit as often as possible with my mother and my children.  There's nothing we enjoy more than seeing The Haygoods!

September 20, 2008

Since 2005 I have attended many Haygood shows.  I have plans to attend more this year for the most talented group in Branson.  This year Tim Haygood is doing a fantastic job taking over promotion of the shows at MCC (Music City Centre).  They have added, or continued, with some great songs such as: Shawn Haygoods 'The Rose', Michael Haygood with my favorite one 'Danny Boy', Patrick Haygood continues with L.O.V.E., Dominic Haygood performs my all time favorite Country song 'Devil Went Down To Georgia', Aaron Haygood does 'Shake, Rattle and Roll' and finally Catherine Haygood with her beautiful version of 'Bubbly'. 

Growing up we attended church regularly and 'Amazing Grace' has always been special to me.  Their rendition of this song is fantastic! Michael Haygood and Dominic Hayoods' singing of 'Go Rest High on That Mountain' brings me to tears every time.  They still have their original routine of 'My Girl' which involves a lucky lady volunteer from the audience whom they bring onstage to serenade and generally make her evening.  My favorite routine is the 'Blues Brothers' performed by Shawn and Michael.  It makes me laugh every time.  Their 'Temptations Medley' will have you dancing in your seats. 

Their Tapping routine is the most high energy and fun to watch.  I would have to add the most EXHAUSTING as well. haha Two songs toward the end of the evening are SUPERB.  'Canon in D' and 'Bridge Over Troubled Water/God Bless the USA' definitely ends the evening in grand style.

After the shows they take the time to visit with their fans who stand in line to see their favorite Haygood.  They will sign and take photos until everyone has been given the opportunity for the meet and greet.  They make you feel like you are part of the 'family' when you are around them.

They have excellent styles and variations of music.  They can make you feel like you are at a Rock concert or Country show in the same evening.  They have really worked hard on the show this year.  You can tell by the way it is put together. It has been worth all their efforts. Catherine really shows how special she is because her harp solos can never be matched.  I have told friends at church about the Haygoods.  I gave one some CDs and DVDs to review and she said they are excellent and is very excited to see them live. She said the DVDs made her laugh.  She thought the vocals on the CD were outstanding.
She plans on taking her family to see the show this year.  She knows it will appeal to all of them.

I have made some great friends at the shows and on the Message Board who also enjoy the Haygoods.   If I were to choose one show to attend in Branson it would be the Haygoods.  They are, in my opinion, the BEST act in Branson.

They have the most non stop energy I have ever witnessed.  You have a hard time staying in your seat because their performances are so enjoyable you want to be a part of the act.  It is like being on your favorite roller coaster and you don't want to get off of all the enjoyment.

July 13, 2008

I have only been going to the Haygoods shows for a little over a year.  The fact that each plays many instruments so well is OUTSTANDING.  I am constantly amazed by their talents.  Catherine Haygood plays more instruments than any of her brothers. She plays among other things: violin, piano, saxophone and harp.  Dominic Haygood loves to brag on her for that fact.  She is a true inspiration to all of the young girls.  When Patrick Haygood plays the piano you are enthralled by his talent.  During 'Great Balls of Fire' you are not surprised when a flame shoots out from the end of it.  You wonder why the whole thing did not go 'up in flames' from such a HOT performance.

Dominic Haygood plays the fiddle during 'Devil Went Down To Georgia' and would definitely make Charlie Daniels jealous.  He is also tremendous with the saxophone.  To watch him play and then sing during a bluesy number is indescribable.  Where does he gets all the breathe to bring BOTH to the forefront seemingly with ease.  That is why he is nicknamed 'Sexy Sax Player'.   During 'Irish Washerwoman' they jig around the stage with grace while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

Even to the end of the show they introduce the audience to their phenomenal range of instruments.  Their version of 'Canon in D' highlights many instruments.  The tempo of this piece leaves YOU wore out by the time they are done.  I would definitely recommend seeing the Haygoods over and over while in Branson.

When you return I would make sure I brought others back to become NEW fans.

Check out the
The Haygoods Photo Page

July 7, 2007

I have been going to the Haygoods since I was a baby when they started at Silver Dollar City in 1993. Now having performed for a number of audiences they have became a lot more talented throughout the years. The seven brothers (Timothy, Patrick, Dominic, Shawn, Michael, Matthew, Aaron) and one sister (Catherine) play tons of instruments ranging from drums, saxophone, guitar, harp, bass, mandolin, the tradmark haygood fiddles and many more they never put on a dull show.

Also they sing songs from many different styles like Country singing Going Through Hell, Walking In Memphis, Fishing In The Dark, and Callin Baton Rouge Pop songs such as Street Corner Symphony, Many oldies tunes like Walling on Sunshine, Day the Music Died, Shout, Brown Eyed Girl, and many more. Then they put on a love section to woo all the ladies in the audience singing L.O.V.E, Hero, When You Say Nothing at All, and You are so Beautiful. Before intermission they put on a summer type them throwing beach balls in the air while playing a slide show of things they enjoy doing over the summer. Then end the show in their own rendition of Canon In D that is amazing.

Then talk about dancing the haygoods know how to move. Doing tons of gymnastics throughout the show. They have amazing tap skills tapping on boxes that light up and make different beats that go together well and make it very entertaining and on metal platforms for even more entertainment and while Tim does a solo tap with shoes that light up. Also a black light dance that will amaze you.

When I go to the Haygoods I always seem to see a range of audience from 0 to it seems like 100. The audience seems to enjoy the show the same all yelling after every song and stunt they do. It seems like every fan picks their favorite haygood and yells a little bit louder for them.

After the show the guys take the time to meet and great the fans. Where they take time to talk to their fans, take pictures, sign posters, DVDs, Cd's, and even Haygood Hug Bears that come with a hug from every Haygood.

You will always leave The Haygoods wanting more even though they poored their heart and souls out to you. You just can't get enough of those talented brothers and sister.

Flips, Comedy, and Music - Haygoods


Wow! Just when we thought these boys, and girl, couldn’t get any better they came out and shocked us to death. I’m one of their “teenage” fans but speaking for my whole family and a lot of other families that I know, this family can entertain not only the young ones but all the way to the elders. My niece, Jayden, who is only 7 months old and even my grandmother who is 70 both love the show the same.

The Haygoods can keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat for the full two hours of their show. Filled with flips, comedy, tons of instruments and music ranging from the 40’s to country music of today. There is definitely something for everyone in this show!

Check out the
The Haygoods Photo Page

Timothy and his base singing and guitar playing, Patrick and his adorable smile and piano playing, Dominic and his AMAZING sax playing and lead singing, Shawn and his moves and voice, Michael and his electric guitar and singing, Matthew and his base playing, Catherine and the million and one things that she does, and Aaron the comedian/sax player/mix of his older brothers. This family is amazing both onstage and off!

Most shows you go to, you sit back and just watch, and then when the show is over you just head on out the door. Not at the Haygoods. The whole family is always out by the exit doors when the show is over to talk to their fans, young and old, take pictures with their fans, or autograph anything that you would like. They are the most WONDERFUL people to talk to. Very much down to earth, Ozark’s boys!

And on top of everything else, I don’t believe you could get a more comfortable theater. The ushers and other workers, including Dad Haygood, will do anything they can to make you feel comfortable. The seats are a nice distance away, so as to have plenty of “knee” room. And they are very soft and comfortable. So could it get any better? Comfortable seats and one AWESOME show!! You’ll go to this show and come out smiling, I guarantee it!

Hope you guys have an AMAZING season!!

~Jenna Hohensee

Haygoods 2006


WOW, what a wonderful and exciting show. We were told this was their best show ever and didn’t believe until we saw it with our own eyes.

Tim, Pat, Dom, Shawn, Mike, Matt, Cat and Aaron as always doing such a fantastic job of keeping us entertain for two hours.

Tim and his fiddle, Pat and his love song, Dom and everything he does (what doesn‘t he do?), Shawn singing more and better then ever, Mike and Blues Brother with Shawn it can‘t get any funnier then that. Matt being on stage where you can see him more and looking mighty good if I do say so myself. Cat and Aaron play the sax bigger and better, singing so great and just plain being wonderful kids….

The Lighting , with lazier lights and the Sound is awesome and we absolutely love the new big screen .

Check out the
The Haygoods Photo Page

What fun it is to watch Dom and Shawn dance in the shadows. And everyone coming in to join them in a tap dance segment . Of course it wouldn’t be a Haygoods show without My Girl and the BIG fiddling number.

The Haygoods have something for all ages. The fifteen or so of us Joplin girls age range from four years to almost sixty-five. And we all love it the same. This is a show you can see over and over again and never get bored.

What fun we’re having watching Hannah’s fourth birthday tape over and over again. The guys and Cat are as friendly as ever with taking pictures, signing the I love Haygoods autograph bears and don’t forget your bear hugs. That is the best part of the night, just ask any of the teenagers standing around…

And as always the show staff are sweet as they can be. Being of help anyway they can. You’ll go away being thankful you can and had such a great time.

The Joplin Girl hope you have the best season yet.

-Jennifer Lowery

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